TaylorMade 2017 M1 460 Driver - Clubhouse Golf iron byron driver test results 2017

TaylorMade 2017 M1 460 Golf Driver (Mens / Right Handed / Graphite)   -   Complete Adjustability With New Weight Track New   zjpmjnem. ou acheter ugg new york;Headcover Included Image Zoom Image  Zoom Back to Results Product Code: DWTAY084
iron byron driver test results 2017

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Take our FREE MN Driver's License Practice Test now! It's an online quiz with 25 unique questions, in-depth explanations, and instant test results. Be totally prepared for the Minnesota DMV Driver's License test in no time!

Quiz Settings Questions: 25 Pass rate: 80 % Attempts allowed: Unlimited Backwards navigation: Click Here to Start FREE Practice Test

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Minnesota Drivers License Practice Test Description

To qualify for your Minnesota drivers license, you will need to pass several tests to prove you can operate a vehicle safely. Studying with our DVS practice test can help you pass on your first try.

How Our MN DVS Practice Test Paves the Way to Earning Your Minnesota Drivers License

The state of Minnesota requires any residents who are seeking drivers licenses to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills needed to be safe drivers. To do so, they must pass a written knowledge test that is designed to evaluate a potential motorist's awareness of the state's traffic laws and road signs. Individuals who have never held a license in any U.S. state must further prove their skills by passing an additional road test.

Feeling confident in your comprehension of the Minnesota's rules of the road is a major plus when dealing with either of these exams. You will find the information you need to know in the Minnesota DVS Driver's Handbook Manual . By using our MN DVS practice test as a study aid, you can work with and review the material until you are certain you have truly learned it and will be able to apply it easily. Rehearsing with the practice test is also a great way to become familiar with the testing format that the state of Minnesota uses. Knowing what to expect and feeling certain that you are prepared will make it easier to avoid nervous mistakes, increasing your odds of passing the Minnesota drivers license test on your first attempt.

When testing day arrives, take any necessary documentation to your chosen driver's examination station. Thanks to your experience with the DVS practice test, you will already be comfortable with the mix of multiple choice and true and false questions found on the knowledge test. The test itself may be offered on paper or via a computer. Regardless of the way the test is administered, individuals taking it must correctly answer at least 80 percent of the questions to receive a passing score. Individuals who also need to take the road test will be required to show they understand their vehicle's equipment by doing a vehicle safety check. They must also demonstrate that they can apply their knowledge of the rules of the road by performing effectively during their driving skills test.

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Select your driver type below and we will send you on your way!

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Retail Stores Locations Custom Fitting Services Repair Services Used Club Trade-in Program Email Sign Up Promotions Custom Fitting About Custom Fitting Schedule a Custom Fitting GX Report Rewards Program TaylorMade M2 Irons Review

The Buzz

At first glance, the M2 iron looks pretty familiar, when you cut it apart and look at the technology within it’s a whole new animal! When TaylorMade set out to design M2 irons, the focus was to achieve maximum distance without sacrificing the peak trajectory. The advanced materials and technologies that went into M2 irons enable the ball to not only go far, but high as well. With the success of irons like this from TaylorMade in the past, this really caught our attention.

The Technology

OK, as we discussed above, this thing is absolutely loaded with technology, here are a few things that stick out the most.

Thick-Thin Fluted Hosel

Removes 3 grams of extra mass trapped in the hosel. That weight is then distributed as low as possible throughout the head to lower the CG and promote higher launch and more ball speed.

360° Undercut

Expands the unsupported face area for more ball speed across the face. It also removes weight from the topline to create ultra-low CG. This allows for stronger lofts that maximize distance without sacrificing the high peak trajectory that results in long, playable shots from each iron.

Speed Pocket

Increased flexibility due to an even thinner sole increases launch angle and preserves ball speed, improving forgiveness for shots struck below the center of the face.

Thin Face with Inverted Cone Technology

Works in conjunction with the Speed Pocket to enable fast, consistent ball speeds across the face that push the limits of distance performance in an iron.

3D Sound & Feel System

A light but extremely stiff 3D-badge system that manages sound and eliminates unwanted vibrations for superior feel, giving golfers a pure feeling distance iron.

The stock shafts will be the REAX 88HL in steel and the REAX 75 for graphite.

Of note, TaylorMade is also offering an additional 17 shafts at no additional charge so you can really get fit to what works the best.

The M2 irons are available 4-9,PW,AW,SW,LW.. The price will be $99.99 per club in steel and $112.50 per club in graphite. You can Pre Order now and expected delivery on product will be 2/19/2016.

The Test

We couldn’t wait to test the M2 Iron. We used trackman to measure four shots with the M2 vs. its predecessor the RSi 1. We used the 7 iron fitting heads in standard lie, both were outfitted with a REAX 88HL stiff flex shaft. Here are the results:

We were extremely impressed with the height and direction of the M2 Iron. With the RSi 1 our tester experienced a 47’  left hand miss on average, typical with what he sees outside. With the M2 that average miss was just 10’. Overall our tester showed a much better ability control the shape of his iron shots.

Already impressed with the results, we turned our focus to distance. With the M2 our tester on average gained 4.8 mph of ball speed. This significant gain in ball speed led to a solid 10 yards more distance through the air. However what made this even more impressive is that on the test shots our player averaged .1 mph less club speed with the M2 (92 vs. 91.9). This ratio of ball speed to club speed is known as smash factor. With the M2 our player’s smash factor was 1.38 to just 1.32 with the RSi 1. That’s how our player was able to generate more ball speed despite less club speed. Essentially our tests showed a better, more efficient transfer of energy from the club to the ball. What was most impressive overall, as advertised, the ball actually traveled 5’ higher on average than the RSi 1… so not only will the M2 get you to the green faster, it will keep you there.


Our initial testing with the M2 iron was among the most impressive we’ve ever seen. From the first reaction of our tester loving the look and the memories of his beloved Burner 2.0 irons, to the drastic results versus the RSi 1 iron, you could easily say the test was a success. Come in and test out the high distance created by the M2 product and remember the M2 family releases 2/19/2016. Please share your results with us by tweeting us @thegolfexchange .


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